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My expected plot to the next movies

Hi, I'm new to the community but I figured I'll start with a bang.  Here is my general plan for where the movies will go.  I of course have no control over them but I see this as a logical progression.  Well as logical as the movies get.

Pirates 4 plot overview-
Jack and crew set off in search of the fountain of youth. Hijinks occur, including a rather entertaining ship battle with Blackbeard, and the movie is a small success due mostly to the focus on Jack. Though not nearly as popular as the first movie, fans are pleased that it made up for the general failure of the third. One complaint fans have is the death of Ragetti off screen and lack of character development for Pintel because of this.

Pirates four plot overview-
Jack is drinking off another failure while the rest of the crew takes a leave at shore. While many of the crew get into a fight in a bar, drawing the attention of the authorities, Pintel and his new partner in comedy, Claudio, sneak exotic animals aboard the ship in a get rich quick scheme. Jack is approached by a gypsy as he wanders the streets and learns of a magic watch that can control time. He gets the location but discovers that it would require the ability to fly. So he tries to collect his crew only to find out they are either dead or going to be hung. He plans to leave them behind but discovers he will need theer help to escape a trade blockade of the area. He, Pintel, and Claudio manage to save them and they set off in search of a flying ship. Orlando Bloom makes another appearance reprising his roll as Will Turner when Jack tracks him down and asks to borrow the Flying Dutchman. Will refuses but gives Jack the location of another flying ship located near the coast of Australia. Will speeds up their arrival but due to urgent business leaves Jack to commandeer it himself. A few more hijinks follow and a ship battle. Jack gains control of the ship from a marauding group of criminals who had been terrorizing the populace and the movie ends as he sets off into the sky toward the stars.
Fans are not pleased with this one. It is not a terrible movie but the fans feel the whole premise is getting old. They start to hope it will end soon. The lack of a looming villain also is called out as a major flaw in the narrative. People have already begun hunting for leaked information on the sixth and supposedly final pirates movie.

Pirates 6 plot overview
Jack and the remaining crew are flying through space. Visuals are extremely well done and much money was put into the special effects. Realism is of course flawed but as most fans point out when it's brought up, "You want realism in a movie with gods, goddesses, and flying ships?" After a small bit of character focus on Pintel and Claudio and their comedic antics to reminds the viewers that they still have the animals on the ship, they finally arrive. It seems to be an island floating on a vast ocean. This leads to a lot of wandering the very large island looking for the watch. They fight off several strange creatures which many fans refer to as the wild things in reference to the similarity in looks between these creatures and those from the children's book and movie, Where the Wild Things Are.  After much more searching they are attacked by the islands human residents.  At first they are thought to be pygmies but it is revealed that they are children who somehow ended up on the island and were forced to adapt.  They are led by the eldest who carries the pocket watch as it is a gift from his father.  Jack tries to steal it and justifies it as the kids have lived for much longer then they look and therefore are not actually kids.  He fails and the children of the island rise up against him.  He rallies the crew and uses the same justification to get them to attack.  A large battle is fought and the ship takes heavy damage.  Several of the animals of Pintel and Claudio's escape and slip off to the island.  Jack and Peter, the islanders' leader, fight it out.  When it looks like Jack has the upper hand it is revealed that Peter can also fly.  They fight harder and Jack finally gets a hold of the watch.  He celebrates too soon as Peter leaps up and cuts off his hand with the watch in it.  It falls into a small lagoon where a crocodile from the menagerie Pintel and Claudio brought with them eats it.  Peter flies off and Jack retreats back to his ship.  The movie ends with Jack looking angrily at the island and swearing he will not leave until he takes revenge.  He holds up his hand and reveals a hook. 
Fans have since abandoned the series and many express thanks that even if it didn't end well, at least there won't be any more. 

Several years later, a remake of Peter Pan is announced.
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