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Jack Sparrow's Jewels

I got upset with the ridiculous ebay prices for hair beads. Ordering them over the internet through stores is a markup ripoff, too. So I made them. Want one?


They're sturdy - I've taken a good tug on them to be sure. Copied after a pattern I saw at a craft show, I used the same size hair pins and glass beads. If you want a certain length for your hair, just tell me how many inches long to make it. You want a different color? Just ask - I have an assortment.

The Peacock theme is irridescent, speckled with gold to warm the green, and every other is a darker metallic to shine up the blue. "Heat" is a series of golds and coppers with orange and red for a warm look.
Mocha uses some long, chocolate beads in the mix...Midnight is all dark, irridecent beads.

Form Pictured above are the ends - hair clip and tied off with a larger bead at the other end.

Price: 4 bucks for the first one, 2 bucks every additional one with the order. Shipping included in the charge - let me know if you can find these things cheaper. I tried and failed.

If you're interested in throwing a few well-concealed dollars into an envelope and sending it my way, I'll reserve an order for you. I'll have your stuff bagged and weighed lickity split for the holidays. Just wanted you guys to know - I thought they were an awesome pirate accessory!
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